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Fcharts our road test, it just didn't perform fcharts these functions uniformly fcharts. The app possesses the navigation basics, plus those one or two surprises with fcharts and shaking the app to get alternative routes. You can switch between map, satellite, and hybrid view thanks super glinx Google Maps, and can fcharts your route preference, like fastest, and variables to avoid, like carpool lanes. We like the address book tie-in to fcharts directions to a contact's place. Bluetooth pairing worked with both in-dash and auxiliary sets, and so did the embedded iPod control interface, which automatically paused the song to robotically deliver directions, and then resumed. However, while the songs blared, the voice prompts were barely audible, even fcharts we jacked up the volume. At low speeds in dense urban environments, Gokivo occasionally lost track of fcharts location at intersections, but quickly righted itself once we started moving.

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Publisher's Description From TeamSnap: What's new in this version: NOTE - if fcharts are seeing a crash, send a crash report with your TeamSnap fccharts fcharts in the message.

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