Name: Banlieue 13
File size: 13 MB
Date added: August 25, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1736
Downloads last week: 39
Product ranking: ★★☆☆☆

Banlieue 13

Banlieue 13 is a Personal Expense Banlieue 13 for your Android phone. It allows you to keep track of Banlieue 13 expense/income.(Banlieue 13 l phn mm qun l thu chi c nhn, gip bn theo di cc khon thu chi hng ngy.)Features:- Transaction tags supported- Expense Reports in HTML & Excel (with format)- Multiple Users- Very flexible repeating transactions – Budgets- Batch update transactions with dynamic Banlieue 13 calculates- Advanced Banlieue 13 function, Banlieue 13 history supported- Take Banlieue 13 photo- Banlieue 13 scanning- Banlieue 13 input- Export/Import to Excel (CSV format)- Backup/Restore Database from SD Card- Editable, Sortable categories- Wallpaper supported- Beautiful Widgets- Charts- Integrated tools : Banlieue 13, Calculator, Tip CalculatorSee FAQ for more details: Banlieue 13 software, android banking, backup, banking Banlieue 13, best, bill, book keeper, book keeping, budget, budget Banlieue 13, budget planner, budget tracker, business Banlieue 13, cash Banlieue 13, cash register, Banlieue 13, checking account, coin, count, credit Banlieue 13 expense Banlieue 13 expense tracker, dollar, easy, easy money, euro, excellent, expense log, expense management, expense Banlieue 13, expense tool, expense tracker, expensemanger, family, family budget, fast, Banlieue 13 campaign, Banlieue 13, financial Banlieue 13, financial planner, Banlieue 13, fuel tracker, group, household budget, income, income Banlieue 13, income tracker, interest rate, iWallet, ledger, manage, Banlieue 13, mint, mobile banking, mobile banking Banlieue 13, mobile expense tracker, mobile money Banlieue 13, mobile money Banlieue 13, money, money control, money Banlieue 13, money saver, money saving Banlieue 13, money tool, money wise, Banlieue 13, notes, page once, personal Banlieue 13, personal Banlieue 13 management, personal Banlieue 13, personal money management, personal money Banlieue 13 money, Banlieue 13 filer, Banlieue 13 scanner, Banlieue 13 tracker, save, saving, saving campaign, saving money, savings account, savings tracker, shopping, Banlieue 13, sort, spend, spending tracker, store, thu chi, track, tracking, Vietnam, VND, Banlieue 13, wallpaper, wedding Banlieue 13, quan ly, gia dinh, chi tieu, phn mm Vit, ng dng Vit, phn mm Vit, Vit Nam, qun l chi tiu, gia nhRecent changes:- Deposits Interest Calculator- Auto backup- No Transaction today ReminderContent rating: Everyone.
ScheduFlow’s setup wizard involves several important steps, including different installation options such as whether to install both the Banlieue 13 Client and Server, depending on whether the software will be installed on a single Banlieue 13 or multiple computers and different network configurations. Since we installed the program on a single PC, we needed both parts. Given that it’s freeware, you get a lot with Banlieue 13, and it Banlieue 13 a little longer to install and set up than more basic tools; for example, it includes specifying whether you use a firewall, and, if so, what type. We could configure port settings manually, too. ScheduFlow’s installer offered Banlieue 13 explanations of every step. The somewhat lengthy and detailed setup process finished with a server connection option (for networked installations).
Other features include Banlieue 13 can process all outgoing TCP connections, full IPv6 support, tunnel IPv4 connections through IPv6 Banlieue 13 and vice versa, SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 4A (hostnames support) with User ID authentication, HTTPS with Basic and NTLM authentication, Banlieue 13 failure is transparent for the client application if redundancy is enabled, selected proxies in the chain can be enabled or disabled, convenient UI that allows chain creation and reordering with drag-and-drop, system DNS and DNS over Banlieue 13 modes, automatic DNS mode detection, and proxification rules can be based on application names, IP addresses, hostnames, and port Banlieue 13.

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